The Spin Master Batcave is a great playset in their recent Batman and DC Comics line of 4″ action figures. The playset is double sided and contains many features great for play. It separates out into smaller sections. The playset is also rather good looking for the price.

The Batcave has many fun features! It has a stand to display a suit of armor. There is a tube that can hold and hide a figure. The jail cell fits a captured villain. There is an opening door that a character can break through. The bottom of the Batcave has a refueling area for the Batmobile. Not pictured is a zip line that can be used with the playset. I do not have batteries to test how the Batsignal lights up, sadly.

The two sides of the playset are fun and enough different. The front is a view of Gotham, that the villains have vandalized. The Batsignal at the top lights up with the press of a button. The back is the Batcave itself.

The playset can be broken down into three parts. First there is the base of the Batcave, which can house the Batmobile. The reverse side is the Gotham sewers. Next there is a ground level of the city that also features the main level of the Batcave. The final piece is the top of the Batcave with the computer, and on the reverse the Gotham sky.

Overall it is a pretty fun playset! It doesn’t have too many features, but the ones it has are great. Being able to break it down into smaller parts makes for better display and diorama opportunities. My only complaint is just how many stickers it has! I am terrible at applying stickers. Overall, I’d say a 7/10.