Loot Cave time! Recently Loot Cave sent me some of their fine products as a get well soon gift. (For those not in-the-in as much, I recently nearly died for the 5th or 6th time. I’m starting to lose count.)

Loot Cave does video game inspired artwork and products. From Final Fantasy XIV Job Stones and Tarot Cards, to Overwatch keychains, Legend of Zelda trinkets, and more! They bring your favorite video games to life. Their products are amazingly high quality, and absolutely gorgeous. You feel like you are holding something truly special in your hand when you receive a package from them.

Personally, I love their job stones. It’s a way to bring that feeling of power, justice, and good that you do in Final Fantasy XIV into the real world, with something that feels torn straight from the game into your hands.

They do nice jewelry too, from necklaces to earrings. I love their Phoenix Down feather necklace. It is light weight but feels very sturdy, and gives that feeling of I will not be defeated by you Death, not today.

They have recently branched out into gaming tokens as well, for things such as Magic the Gathering, or you can use them as counters for Pokemon TCG, and many other games!

Anyways, before I ramble too much, enjoy some pictures of their fine products!

*Note – I was not paid to post this, nor was it expected in return for product. I do this as an honest review and a true fan of their artistry and products, and as a fan of what they stand for.