Spin Master Batcave

The Spin Master Batcave is a great playset in their recent Batman and DC Comics line of 4″ action figures. The playset is double sided and contains many features great for play. It separates out into smaller sections. The playset is also rather good looking for the price. The Batcave has many fun features! It…

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Welcome to the New Fortune’s Ember!

Hello everyone! It has been a while since your Captain has updated anything here! Anyways, this website is going to start focusing more on toy reviews and pictures of toys. No not the naughty type! Action figures and such. I’ll start aiming for at least one update a week starting next week. Why none this…

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The Future

Right now I am not sure what direction to go with this site, or what content. If anyone has some ideas of something they would like to see, give me a yell.

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Loot Cave Co

Captain Theo Cosplay June 12 at 12:24 AM ·  Loot Cave time! Recently Loot Cave sent me some of their fine products as a get well soon gift. (For those not in-the-in as much, I recently nearly died for the 5th or 6th time. I’m starting to lose count.) Loot Cave does video game inspired artwork and products. From Final…

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Twitch Streaming

Going to begin regularly streaming soon, so here is the million dollar question, do people want PC streaming or PS4 streaming? Hit me up via @thegeo on Twitter to be heard!

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Porg Fam

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The Porg

Hello everyone, I have restarted the website. Currently, my goal is amassing an army of Porg. I am attempting to obtain a giant plush one from Target, 8 more Disney Store plush ones, and 20 of the small Funko plush ones. I will be updating this post as the collection gets closer to completion. Lets…

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